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Monday – Friday 8:00AM – 5:30PM

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Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.30pm

We keep you rolling

Your local mechanic equipped to handle your vehicle’s servicing needs

We keep you rolling

Your local mechanic equipped to handle your vehicle’s servicing needs

A new generation automotive garage …

Cars are a big part of our lives. We rely on them to get us to important places safely and stress free. That’s why you need a mechanic who takes pride in their work. If you’re super fussy and want the most out of your car then Dodson Auto Garage is the place for you.

From humble beginnings working from his driveway, William always knew he liked running things his way. So in 2015 he took the big step of opening his own workshop in Mile End. Starting with one hoist and much needed help from his Dad Tony, it quickly grew to 3 hoists and employing 2 full time staff members.

The next chapter of Dodson Auto Garage has begun with our new home at 15 Maple Avenue Forestville. With plenty of room to expand we are continuing to grow an outstanding range of services.

Come by and check out our new modern and fully equipped workshop today

Why choose us?

Fully equipped

Our workshop has all the tools and equipment to maintain your vehicle in top condition and get you back on the road.


You can trust we have the parts, the tools and the know-how to get your car fixed and back on track, fast. With an ever growing resource of suppliers, we can locate quality parts to save you time and money.

Highly skilled team

Today’s modern vehicle is complex and constantly evolving. Our team are trained on the latest technology and have a passion for learning and  solving all types of automotive challenges. 

Our Services

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Routine servicing and maintenance is our speciality. Using only the best fluids and filters, your car will keep driving like the day it left the showroom. We’ve got all vehicles covered with access to every manufacturers service schedule we know exactly what your car needs at every interval service.  

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You can trust we have the parts, the tools and the know-how to get your car fixed and back on track, fast. With an ever growing resource of suppliers, we can locate quality parts to save you time and money.

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Computer technology waits for no one and we do our best to keep up by equipping ourselves with top of the range diagnostic equipment. From our multi vehicle scan tool to manufacture specific software you’d find at a dealerships we can always communicate with your vehicle.

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Crucial to keeping you and other road users safe. When your car needs tyres we have you sorted. Our newest addition to our list of services. Fitting, balancing, wheel alignments and puncture repairs all in house. With access to a wide range of brands we can get the rubber you’re after.

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Loan car

Your car might be off the road but you won’t be. We have 2 loan cars available, Percy & Pippa (Yes they have names!) They are very popular so bookings are essential.

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Air conditioning

When things heat up you need to keep cool. We are fully licensed to maintain and repair your vehicle’s air conditioning responsibly. We are environmentally conscious when handling automotive refrigerants.

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Meet Will Dodson

Owner & operator

In 2002 Will reluctantly took his VW type 3 to a mechanic. He was so frustrated not being able to fix it, he decided to become a mechanic himself. As an apprentice he moved from workshop to workshop until he settled in and finished his apprenticeship at the Peugeot dealer. With his certificate he went out and learnt other makes and models with a stint at the VW dealer then a European specialist. His passion for horsepower was met while working for a respected performance and tuning workshop. His ears were ringing from loud engines and Will took up an offer back at the Peugeot dealer where he could further hone his skills on the latest technology coming out of France. He soaked up as much technical knowledge as possible as he knew the next step would be starting up his own show. In 2015 Dodson Auto Garage was opened and he’s never looked back.


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What our clients say

Highly recommend it for people who've bought their first car or just had their first second-hand car. Service is great, very fast, friendly and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. And for all those who love race cars you can have a look at the collection they have up as you wait for your car to get diagnosed by the car doctors πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Now I am hauling my entire friend group with cars to Dodson Auto.

Jackline Ndungu Avatar Jackline Ndungu

Always great service and we drove to Melbourne next day in 41C with no problems at all. Temperature guage stayed below middle all the way 😊😎

Susan Fraser Avatar Susan Fraser

I bought a car with the β€œengine light on” but with a paper from this people that said that the car was checked, it was a problem from the catalytic converters that need to be replaced. But they said to the owner that It wasn’t a big problem and no need to be fixed. So after the purchase we took the car to the same place just to confirm that nothing was wrong. And they said the same to us , the car will be fine, doesn’t need to be fixed. So we didn’t do nothing and a few month later the car was overheated and now there is irreparable damage in the head gasket. When that happens I took the car to β€œmy cars” and they said the engine was damage. And they noticed a liquid in the engine that is used to β€œfix” the car in a cheapest way. Dodson never told me about a liquid. So probably they did this with the other owner, so the owner can sold the car easily.

Gina Miozzi Avatar Gina Miozzi

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Get in touch

(08) 8443 8387

15 Maple Ave, Forestville SA 5035

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